The Course

Learn practical strategies for integrating nature into your daily routine for a more harmonious and healthy existence.

Ready to kick back and let the great outdoors work its magic on your well-being? Delve into the serene world of natural living with this immersive journey that unlocks the secrets of drawing health, happiness, and harmony from the world around us. You'll explore how engaging with nature can elevate mood, enhance physical health, and boost mental clarity. You will learn to harness the rejuvenating power of the green spaces and wild places.

Now, how about turning those benefits into lifestyle changes that stick? Get practical with activities designed to weave nature into your daily routine, whether you're a city dweller with a window box or a country resident with acres to roam. We'll guide you through crafting personal nature retreats in your own living and working spaces and even using natural elements for effective stress management. Embrace the teachings, and you'll find yourself making decisions that not only better your life but also positively impact the environment, creating a sustainable and fulfilling loop of nature-conscious living.

What you will learn

Diving straight into what really matters, this course is your open door to a life more aligned with the natural world. With insights and activities meticulously pieced together from years of research and personal experience, you'll enhance your appreciation of the world around you and practically benefit your mental and physical well-being. Picture this as your guide to building that bridge back to nature, complete with easy-to-follow steps, clear objectives, and a thoughtfully structured layout to ensure you can easily navigate each lesson. Discover how transformative a close relationship with nature can be for your everyday life and experience firsthand the positive impact this journey can have.


Your instructor

Jo is much more than a Biophilic Design Consultant and Holistic Interior Designer; she is a trailblazer in the field, with a wealth of experience and expertise that sets her apart.

With qualifications in Biophilic Design, Plantscaping, and Holistic Interior Design, Jo is at the forefront of creating spaces that prioritise both aesthetics and well-being.

 With a background in aged care, nursing, and executive health management, Jo brings a unique perspective to her work. She understands the intricate relationship between the built environment and human behaviour, particularly in sensitive areas like aged care, dementia and autism/special needs education. Jo's insights into how design influences our emotions and actions are unparalleled.

Harmonious - Finding Your Balance with the Natural World

Revitalising - Recharging Your Life with the Power of Nature

Mindful - Cultivating Awareness through Nature's Wisdom